8th Grade Banquet

Visit our new WMS PTO website for the latest info and to buy tickets online!

Mark your calendars for the 8th Grade Banquet on Saturday, June 6th from 6-10 PM.

Who attends?  This is a night designed solely for our 8th grade students (and chaperones and volunteers, of course)!  Our goal is 100% class participation!

Cost?  We are offering one last chance for anyone who still wants to buy their ticket for only $50!  This can be done only if you write a check (payable to WMS PTO with your student’s name and banquet in the memo line) by Friday, February 14, 2020.  

Online payments via PayPal between now and June 6th are and will remain $60 per student.  Purchase tickets via PayPal at our new homepage:  https://bainbridgeptos.org/woodward/

Confidential scholarships are available by contacting Patti Beer in the counseling office at (206) 780-4507 or [email protected].

We Still Need More Volunteers!
  • Do you want to help us create amazing themed rooms?  We still need more decorating volunteers.  It’s fun!  Come help!
  • Have you ever catered a big event, or do you work in restaurant service?  We have ideas, but we really need your help!
  • Do you like to work with your hands?  We need people willing to help construct and bring our ideas to life.
  • Are you an artist, know an artist, or have an (older) art student? We need your help!
  • Do you have a big garage or barn that we can use for construction and/or storage?  We are in need of space away from 8th grade eyes!
Contact Angela McLean and Brandi Hunt at:  [email protected]



Monthly Banquet Tip:  How to Dress?

The responsibility for the dress and grooming of a student rests primarily with the student and his or her parents/guardians.  The Banquet is not a formal dance, but rather a dinner with entertainment and dancing among friends.  The attire for the evening is dressy, but not formal.  If a student wears heeled shoes, they may want to bring a pair of more comfortable footwear to change into if their feet get sore later in the evening (shoes are required at all times).  This is an end of year celebration for 8th grade students; it’s most important that the kids are comfortable and having fun!















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